River Styx Picture

Hello everyone... After a looong time, I decided to give you an… example of my Nightmons… here is the titular nightmon of Pokémon Styx… the other is done too, but I don’t feel like uploading yet… sorry for the bad quality, That isn’t the “official drawing” of Tempestyx, it is his design, but I didn’t like this position...
He's like the nighmon counterpart of Arceus... he is the god of them... but he has a much obscure story
TEMPESTYX (tempest-Styx)
Augurey pokemon, AKA Styxian Rain
These pokemon are said to be an omen of missfortune, because when they start wailing and screaming, rain falls. It wears a mask and is forbbiden of taking it off, because the last time he took it off, there was the great deluge. It scarf-like ornament is said to control the intencity of the rains. Invencibility award those who are touched by TEMPESTYX. It is said to have created every legendary nightmon with his own tears.
To those who dunno or don't like greek mythology ( 10% against 90% who like in all world... ) Styx is the goddess/nymph of the same named river, located at the hell... is the river that separes the life from the death, located at the frontier of the Sheol (wooo... i like this word... it means hell XD) If someone dives in it;A) completelly; is D-rezzed like my happy mood in the summer, and B) partially; turns the diver invencible, excluding the part that kept outside water (the case of Achilles, got it?) there are more rivers in hell... The Lethes, the Eridanus, the Flagetont, and the Aqueron, and the Lethes (river of oblivion)is the river of the main pokemon of my other game. I didn't decided the in-between title... don't wait for 5 games please...

Augurey, Irish-Phoenix, or Water Phoenix, is a mythic bird from irish mythology, is comparable to Thunderbirds for lightnings, Phoenixes to fire, Ankas to ice; but with the control of the rain... when it screams the rain falls... because of this, he was taken as an omen, but actually, he is a smart guy, and alert all the other when feel (yes it feels) the rain coming... similar to Absol's story....
So now you have a little idea on why i added a bird to be the representant of a river....
Soon i will come with his locked form (check last journal... or the one before the last if i post another... check for "Is someone really going to read this" in my journal history ok?

And probably i will make his unmasked form... muahahaha!!!

Hope you like it... and please... for the 1000th time: COMMENT!!!!!
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