Styx Tree Picture

A little explanation for the title. I have been in one of my swings where I go through artist/writers block and needed to stretch my stagnant skills a bit. The chapter in my book I'm currently writing involves the Greek mythological River Styx, so to help along my block I sketched a dead tree I'd envisioned standing centennial along the bank.

There is also a deeper meaning behind this tattoo design. In my life away from writing and happy sketches I've been rather depressed. Searching for a handhold to pull myself out of my funk I've spent quite alot of time outdoors just walking in nature. It was on one of these meditation walks what I realized my life and all its strife is nothing compared to that of a tree.

They are beings of peace and silence, but their lives are full of pain and strife. As a seedling, trees have to push their way out of the packed earth, stretching forever towards a sky they will never fully reach. They battle the harsh elements and changing seasons with quiet resolve. Their roots anchor them to the ground, their leaves spread wide to thank heaven for the gift of the sun. If we as humans could learn anything from the world around us and how it can help us in our daily lives all we'd have to do is step outside and watch the trees blow in the wind.
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