C Y T H E R E A Picture

just a doddle... started with the shockingly disgusting lineart [here] ^ ^ then i added a background.. then i just went and coloured the whole thing haha just to kill some sleeping time
hmmm couldnt decide what to call this one... i wanted something mythological or relates to the character... like CLÍODHNA (pronounced KLEE-u-na) - an irish goddess who fell in love with a mortal and for this was washed out to sea-.......... or ERATO - the Moari for "lovely"......or SELENE - "moon" in greek... or one of my favourites, LEILANI - a hawaiian name meaning "heavenly flowers"...... but in the end i chose CYTHEREA - greek goddess of love and beauty - a big thanks to Ron who found that name for me hehehe so thanks Ron....
oh and please forgive the lineart lol, it didnt want to be drawn with my rat of a mouse
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