Constantine Rough Ref Picture

Name: Constantine Maxim

Age: 20

Height: Human: 5’ 8” Bat:

Weight: Human: 169 lbs Bat: 190 lbs

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Sexuality: Straight

Religion: Catholic (lapsed)

Physical Description: Human: Frumpy dark brown hair, light brown eyes, usually sporting a semi-goatee. He has a moderately thin build and fair skin. He wears baggy jeans and hoodies almost without exception. Bat form: When in this form Con’s ears are enormous and pointed, his face is a muzzle with sharp fangs capable. His nose is wide and leaf-shaped; his eyes are small and blood-red. He has dark brown fur, and lighter brown fur on the underside. His arms are winged with black membrane stretched between his elongated fingers, except his thumb, which functions for the most part normally. His legs are digitigrade, with elongated toes, and his big toes can serve as opposable thumbs. He has a small membranous tail that is an extension from his spinal cord.

Likes: Music, the color blue, horror movies, old buildings, fast food and killing demons.

Dislikes: Having no social life after nightfall, increased clothing expenses, lying to account for his disappearances, Selene, and impulses to eat mosquitoes.

Nickname: Con

Personality: Con is normally calm unless provoked. He is not an intellectual; rather he is a man of action. Con follows his emotions and thinks of the consequences afterward. He is inquisitive and will take risks usually without any consideration for his own safety. He is reeling over the betrayal of Selene, and the mere mention of her name drives him into a rage.

History: Constantine led a relatively unimpressive life for most of his young life, he never really got involved with sports, or any activates his peers did, leading him to have few friends. Entering high school however, he encountered a few at those obligatory “meetings” his school funded, Con met a girl who would change his life, her name was Selene.

After a long-term relationship, she was revealed to have been a witch trying to seduce him into serving a dark being from the pages of history. His rejection of the offer, and Selene as well resulted in his current state, his bat creature form that he is forced into every night from dusk to dawn, without exception. His form is a constant reminder of the injustice inflicted on him, and he now strives to slay Selene and her master and undo their evil work on the world.

Relations: Arturo and Karla Maxim (Parents)

Weapons: A small silver dagger, and natural weapons in his bat-form.

Power/ Forms: Constantine has his three different forms, first his natural human form, an anthropomorphic bat form, and a regular brown bat form. While in his bat-anthro form he can change his wing-arms to regular arms with webbed fingers. The Bat forms have heightened senses, echolocation, sonar, flight the ability to see in the dark, and to “sense” supernatural beings. The smaller bat form is used for travelling distances or small spaces and can only be maintained for a short time.

He’s finally done. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work for school and actually finished color on this on Monday-it just took me until now to upload it.

Introducing Constantine Maxim, he’s a present-day bat shapeshifter, he is not a “werebat” his cycle of transformation takes place regardless of the lunar cycle. His over-the-top name does have importance, and when I get around to completing his story it’ll make sense. His story is going to probably be written by chapter, and hopefully I can crank out a comic or so as well. The story is a big-conglomerate of interests, there will be elements of history, mythology and Castlevania-what else would you expect? The villain is a historical character, who is hungering for vengeance, and intends to use Con for it. He’ll be revealed later.

I’m also working more concept art for him; he doesn’t run around in jean shorts in foreign locations either. This ref is essentially a placeholder, and will be updated and replaced soon. Con was developed from this: [link]
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