Quietus Designs: Moonshine Gown ~ incomplete Picture

It's still incomplete but this a design sheet for a gown for Hinata or rather Selene. Lovely in it's simplicity, the Moonshine Gown is probably the sexiest dress I've designed for Hinata till now. I also wanted to try a new style for the wardrobe sheets

23-08-12 ~ Added some decoration at the top, as well as color scheme of the dress and the barrette (hair clip) she wears in her hair.

Next will probably be the bust/portrait sketches and her shoes

Art © *mitsuki0tennyo
Design © :devmitsuki0ten nyo:
Quietus aka plot © AngeLhearteD aka *Butterfly-Chu
Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shōnen Jump, etc

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