Selene Picture

Selene is one of the vampires from my novel "Angels & Devils".

original meaning of the name:
In Greek mythology the goddess of the moon.

my version:
Selene is the daughter of my main character Gabriel [link] and of Raphael [link]
Both Gabriel and her daughter Selene don't like the womanizer Raphael that much and try to avoid him as often as they can.
Selene's got a little star-shaped tattoo on her left elbow. She actually should have her arms crossed... but I only noticed that she didn't whe I already had colored the pictured v.v

Because of her high ranked parents she comes right after Gabriel - wich means BEFORE Zadkiel [link] That's the reason why he tried to kill Gabriel when she was pregnant.
BUT Selene is dating Zadkiels son - wich is driving her mother insane...^^''
Anyways, both mother and daughter like the color green and have an addiction to crosses^^


DATE: 2006-05-02
TOOL: felttip and silver gel pen
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