J: It's All So Magical Picture

EDIT: Title changed. Apparently the line is "all so magical", but I've been misinterpreting it as "oh so magical" for the past twenty years. Oops.

Wow, long time no art? Finished my final preclinical semester and off to clinicals on the 19th! Time certainly flies.

Also, funny story... my old laptop finally died after many years of loyal service. I splurged on a MacBook Air because if you're going to spend a ton of money, at least spend it on something you'll use every day, right? Unfortunately, I lost all of my files--lectures from school, old assignments, photos, artwork, music, and so forth-- and my new MacBook Air does not like Photoshop CS3. GIMP was the closest thing to PS, and it was free on top of all that, so I downloaded it and took it for a test run.

So I tested GIMP out with one of those Disney coloring book pages that were all the rage on dA about four years ago. You basically take a coloring book page of a Disney character or scene, and color it using the same color palette and shading style of one of the old masters. As you may have guessed already, the character I chose is Jasmine from Aladdin!
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