Princess Selene Picture

Drawn on 4/8/11

Real Name: Princess Selene of Themyscira
Aliases: Wonder Woman,
Favored by: The Olympian Pantheon
Place of Birth: Themyscira
Occupation: Amazon
Height: 5'6” Weight: 125 lbs. Eyes: Midnight Blue Hair: Raven Black
Powers: Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina, Hearing, Knowledge, Vision & Healing. Flight, Telepathy, Invulnerability, Heat Vision, Ice Breath, Telekinesis,
Abilities: Ability to force the truth out of anyone, Ability to persuade others to her will, Ability to communicate with animals, Ability to sense the thoughts and emotions of others, Ability to withstand all kinds of damage both physical and mental, Ability to imitate the voice of any person, Ability to travel throughout space unaided,
Paraphernalia: The Lasso of Truth; forcing those bound within the rope to speak nothing but the Truth. The Bracelets of Victory; indestructible bracelets capable of deflecting various forms of projectiles. The Royal Crown of Themyscira; capable of cutting through the toughest surface and acts as a boomerang as well.

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