ZW Day 5 - Mythology Picture

The Myth of Selene and Endymion
- The moon goddess, once called Selene, saw Endymion on Mt. Latmos tending his sheep. So enamored of his beauty was she that she came down from heaven to be with him in his dreams. Endymion begged for perpetual youth, sleep, and immortality so he could prolong this pleasant dream forever. Selene stills visits him nightly in his immortal sleep -

Happy 5th Zutara Week Day!
This theme made my inner Latin Geek squel with delight. I got out my textbook and got cracking till I found a good myth, and this was the least tragic / most fitting one I found. I mean, come one, moon goddess? Even thought Katara's no Yue, she 'rises with the moon' so ya gotta give me that one XD
And some variations of the myth sat that Endymion was a king, so there ya go.

I wanted to do a pic with as little lines as possible to make it look softer, and I think it kinda worked.
I'm starting to see a pattern in my entries; realistic, avatar-style, realistic, avatar-syle, and now you have another more realistic piece XD

Uhh what else? Oh, the kiss pose was taken from a picture but I accidently x-ed out before I could save the link, so know I didn't come up with the pose on my own.

Enjoy! And happy Zutara week
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