theos enomenos - selene Picture

Finished just in time. This is my contribution for the collaboration held by *ilostmyname with Greek gods as the subject. I managed to snag Selene. I love Greek mythology, so I was so happy to be a part of this.

Selene apparently changed into Artemis over time in the Greek mythology, but I really wanted to make her her own, so I tried not to do any sort of huntress quality to her or anything like that. I included the crescent on her head (which was mentioned numerous times as a major feature on her), and a more simple costume. Selene was described as only wearing robes, so I didn't want her to have some uber complicated dress. I suppose this is one of those few times where less is more, ne?

I seriously do suck at horizontal poses, but this one actually came out ok. I'm sure I could've added some color in Photoshop, but this is one of those things where I put a lot into the linework and don't really want to go and add color to something I'm already happy with.

And if need be, I can upload a version without the border. I felt the picture needed something extra, and felt a simple border type thing would be better than my sad attempts at backgrounds.
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