You're So Rediculous Picture

Gah >w< It was going to be an AT piccy for ~ThaliaGracefan555 Buuuuuuut I had originally forgot what she requested and I really just remembered it had somethin ta do with Cronus and Rhea... so I'll prolly redraw her something that was the request cause I just found it xD But I hope you like this for now!!

Lol, Cronus looks more like a Egyptian god that a Greek god x3 His outfit is weird cause I fail at half naked men >:I Haha, and you can also tell who I drew first cause Cronus looks so lazily drawn >w:3 I know why Rhea is acting so mooooodyyyyyyy o:

Cronos and Rhea (c) Greek Mythology

ps: Don't mind that sp in the picture >:/

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