:The Goddess: Picture

Doodled her weeks ago- She became the Goddess Rhea around 7th/8th grade as Carry Me Away developed, but she actually started out as a mermaid roleplay character when I was 11 or 12, LOL.
Rhea was short for a longer name that I no longer like, so I found it ironic years ago when I was doing some mythology research and found that Rhea was a goddess in Greek myths-that the Romans, my heritage hahahahaha, stole- who created [well somewhere in there she did something like that] the universe at some point after someone shacked up with someone else or summat, whilst my own Rhea was the uber!Goddess of CMA. Weird shet.

So anyways, I tossed a lot of designs on her that are Celtic based, but being me, was too lazy to draw them in detail. More to come.

Wish I'd had more room to work with the skirts- I wanted them layered and flowy and cool like an etheral being should be, LOL.

Goddess Rhea/CMA © Meee
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