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Annd two more babies.

On the week that news of the death of the great El Diablo broke through, two foal were born with his great racing blood. The first was his grand-foal. A black colt by Devil's Reign out of Intuned. The birth went by without any complications, and he was quickly up on his feet.

The next night, M foaled her El Diablo foal. A full sibling to Malachi, the chestnut filly was nothing too impressive immediately after birth. She was tall, lanky, and a rather dull chestnut color in everyone's opinions. Though, it was when she opened her eyes that everyone was astonished by her. Sitting behind thin eyelids lay clear blue eyes, much like her sire.

As they grew, the two foals seemed to only appreciate the company of each other. Weaning was never anything stressed over with these two, they hardly paid any attention to their mothers anyways. They spent all of their time together, and only together.

Name: Romulus
Name Meaning: Mythological Founder of Rome, raised by a wolf.
Nickname: Rom
Gender: Colt
Breed: Thoroughbred
Eyes: Brown
Color: Black
Markings: Irregular Blaze, High Socks on Front Legs
Genetics: ee/aa
Bloodlines: Devil's Reign X Intuned
Temperament: Rom posses a...strange personality. He's quiet, but not deadly so, instead he much rather prefers to do his own thing and spend his own time doing those things. He knows what he wants, and wants to do it when he wants to do it.
Discipline: Racing

Name: Rhea
Name Meaning: Mother to mythological Romulus and Remus
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Filly
Breed: Thoroughbred
Eyes: Blue
Color: Chestnut
Markings: Irregular Blaze, One sock.
Genetics: ee/aa
Bloodlines: El Diablo X MasterchiefnMajor
Temperament: Rhea is the protector of Rom. She stands in front of him, and will refuse anyone to get near him if she believes they have ill intentions. She will kick, scream, bite, and resort to other resources in able to protect her buddy.
Discipline: Racing

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