Evid-Queen of the Wolves Picture

*warning: long description full of fantasy jargon ahead*

Before the world existed, before light came to be, before the concepts of time and matter ever really solidified, there were two cardinal dieties. Their names vary from telling to telling: to the Greeks they were Rhea and Kronos, to the Egyptians they were Nut and Geb, and to the Japanese, they were known as Izanami-Oukami and Izanagi-Oukami.

However you describe them, they were the ultimate mother-and-father images of worldwide mythology. They are almost universal; look at the beleifs of just about any culture, and you'll see them. But eons ago, something definitive happened.... They spilt.

These two presiding entities eventually had their bodies torn apart, and from their destruction, the real substance of the world began. Their energies egnited the livelihood of all living things, and continue to fuel them to this day.

But that's not to say that the mother and father gods ceased to exist. No, not at all. Every element of their being took on a life of its own, and transformed into a diety of its own right. Evid, you see, is one of those entities.

Amoung the many reincarnations of the mother-godess, Evid is only one of what feels like thousands. But she's very powerful, often worshipped as a patron goddess of the wild and fertility by tribal people. These particular, adoring cults treat all dogs and other canines as sacred animals; they won't even allow the hunting of foxes or wolves for food. Her talents include animation, summoning other feral spirits, prophocey, and her obvious physical strength, amoung others. This mutt is HUGE: laying down in natural, canine fashion, she towers at roughly the size of the average schoolbus. Standing, she's about three times taller than that. In color, her fur is a rich sage green, and creamy-white on the underside. Don't underestimate even the most benevolent Earth deities; they're stunningly powerful when they want to be.
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