Napkin Doodles no. 6 Picture

Hokay ... it's been a while since I've done a sketch dump. This month's theme is ... Kuro and Evee (duh duh DUHduh!)

And Jel. And Tak and Kenny. And Thayle.
But mostly Kuro and Evee.

Anyway, top is Jelyan, finally looking how I want her to. I got her wings the right shape and finally (finally!) figured out which way I wanted her horns to point. She's hot an I love 'er
Then we have a whole slew of Kuro/Evee pics. Evee glomping Kuro, (and the same picture below from a different angle), adorable Kuro being brotherly and patting Evee's head, and a really fuzzy one of the pair that I drew in a moving car.

Below and to the right is a sketch I want to finish of a young Pan and the Earth goddess Rhea. Some mythology I read said that Pan was a companion of Rhea ... I imagine this was sometime after he left/was kicked out of Mt Olympos. Pan also never knew his mother ... she ran screaming the minute she first saw him after he was born, the stupid twat. So I had this cute picture in my head of Rhea, motherly goddess that she is, trying to comfort poor, kicked-out-of-Olympos Pan.

And I have to include Kenny and Tak in here somewhere, especially since Kenny is uber muscled when she's all grown up. I do like to continue hashing out their post-Huntress outfits. Also, Tak gets older too, so I try to experiment with larger horns on him while still trying to make him seem cute, as seen beside them. Beside that, is a little size diagram of the height difference between Kuro and Evee.

Lastly, we have cranky Kurodas from Acropolis (which is set after Huntress and Riftwatcher). He goes through a few changes too.

And Thayle. On a quad. Which I drew in my fieldbook while sitting in the middle of the forest during lunchbreak. Why? Because we got to ride quads on that trip. Boo Yah.

That's it, boys and girls, I'm off to the lake. Peace out, and hope I don't get eaten by a turtle
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