Adult Stories Picture

Maybe it's the Christmas spirit, but I've been feeling quite inspired to draw more humorous stuff lately. And since none of the comics that I'm working on are so very humorous right now, I just couldn't resist to do this sketch. ^^

Rhea is a character that definitely has changed a bit since she first showed up in my comics. After I learned that she early was closely identified with the Phrygian mother-goddess Kybele (whose orgiastic cult seemed to have included nocturnal mountain rites with much drinking and frantic dancing) she became a little more... crazy? Though she has calmed down a bit now when she's older. The story mentioned above is inspired by the myth of Attis and Kybele. I've seen it in different versions, but they mostly end with Attis being castrated, sometimes by his own hand. In ancient Rome, where Kybele was known as Magna Mater (The Great Mother), her priests were castrated and wore women's clothes.

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