Rhea Dae Picture

Once again, this is a drawing that I finished a long time ago. I finished it around summer time when I was about to leave on a 4 day vacation to Texas, and yeah...

I didn't talk to my friend, Laura, in a long time, so I decided to dedicate it to her as both a sorry (for not talking in a long time) and a thank you (for being there when I needed you - even though you live halfway around the world). ^_^

Hope you're doing well, Laura!~

and I'd like to say thanks to all my friends for their support!

The name was kind of random, too. I like the name Rhea, because it has some kind of elegance and I think that its related to "flow" or "stream" in greek mythology. and Dae was just something I came up with when I was looking at my violin. If you look at a violin and know its strings, from left to right, you'd see G D A E and I thought Dae was an okay name, too.
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