Eternal Flow Picture

Something different this time (well, not really) since lately I've only posted pictures of the dolls related to the Gunpowder Requiem series. oo'

This is Rhea, my Titaness, wife of the Time God Chronos. :3 I've had her for quite some time, but this coming and going between home and university left me with not much opportunity to photograph her. O.o' But I adore this girl and it's great to finally be able to photograph her in her complete form. <3 (Although I still need to do the blushing in her special parts - probably Nephelin's - but since Rhea is usually in her human form, that's ok. XD)


Rhea is a Soom MD Cuprit

Rhea Catherege © Anna Giovannini

Please don't use my pictures without permission! You can just ask! ^~
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