Hunter Triad: Rhea, Chloe and Grace Picture

So remember when I was talking about some more new Sonic characters? Like hours ago? Well here they are! No doubt it will be hard to see the details clearly and figure out just what each line is supposed to be, but it will be better once I color them in. I just got really excited when I finished them tonight and wanted to show them to you guys.

I present to you, my new trio of characters: The Hunter Triad. From left to right, they are Rhea, Chloe and Grace. Sisters, they form a trio of mercenaries slowly building a name for themselves.

Wanna know something cool? These three lovely ladies are in fact three of the many daughters of my deceased character, Eris the Spider. Before you start asking, no, Deathstalker the Scorpion is not their father. This idea was originally proposed by my sister while I was explaining Eris to her. Partway through our conversation, she suggested perhaps Eris had a child. I didn't like the idea so much at first, but it really grew on me recently and I decided to make it three children. But I'll get more into those juicy details when I post their color versions.

Born into the Gossamer Clan, Rhea, Chloe and Grace were trained from birth in the art of ninjutsu, but eventually left the clan when they felt their lives going no where. Together, they formed a mercenary group called the Hunter Triad with Rhea acting as their leader, Chloe as the muscle and Grace as the mechanic and medic.

Rhea, aka Nemesis, wields a kusarigama. Chloe, aka Keres, wields a katana and dagger. Grace, aka Fury, wields a compound bow. For their names and aliases, I stuck with the Greek mythology theme I had going with Eris' name. I originally intended the aliases I selected to be their given names, but my sister suggested I choose more normal names to contrast with how unique Eris and Deathstalker's names are.

But just why did these girls leave their home? What are they looking for? What adventures lie in wait for them?

Rhea, Chloe, Grace, Eris and Deathstalker belong to ~Zephyros-Phoenix
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