Sailor Rhea Picture

"Mwhaha well if it isn't Sailor Rhea! Come to die or ha-"
"Just shut up right now! You had all day to do this bullshit and you waited until my show came on! I only have a few minutes until the commercials are over! So lets just get this over with right now!"

Lol um so yea, I was bored with commissions so I sort of made myself into a sailor scout. You know, if I had a perfect sailor body. I tried to keep some of my appearance in there though, skin color, hair color and style, freckles. I rather like how this turned out.

So heres some stats

Sailor Name: Sailor Rhea
Transformation item: None, theres a tattoo on her leg she draws power from, a pentagram on her hip.
Transformation chant: Titan Rhea Cosmic Power! Make Up!
Attack: Heavenly Bolt Strike! (Places her two fingers against the glowing tattoo on her leg, power transfers over to those fingers, making the glow and spark. She raises her fingers up and draws a pentagram in the air, moves her hands as if holding a gun and fires, a beam of light and sparks shoots out of finger tips through the middle of the pentagram at the enemy, followed by bolts from each edge of the pentagram for a total of 6 blasts.)
Items: She has a scanner over her right eye and ear. It targets in on the enemy, finding weak spot. In the ear case, there are cords and usb cables that she can connect to other devices that allow her to hack and gain info.

I've been toying with the idea of making another group of senshi, I've grown bored with my other batch. I'm considering making the 'Titan Senshi' guardians who are named after the titans from greek mythology. Rather then having transformation items, tattoos appear on the senshi's bodies which become their source of powers.

I'd make a horrible senshi.I'd be seduced easily to the dark side...

Rhea is a moon on Saturn, btw.
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