Youth Art Month flag design I did, mythology based Picture

I did this originally as a class assignment, and I did expect to get as far as I did. The idea we were supposed to do was "Art Shapes the World", and being the Greek Mythology nerd I am, decided to make my design mythology themed. My first plan was to have Athena and Hephaestus make a world since both were generally linked to arts, but this fell short because I couldn't come up with a design for this idea. Then in an emergency brainstorming session I then realized that the myth where Prometheus created man was a pretty strong lead. After all, it takes artistic skill to carve a person from clay and not screw up plus the creation of man did change the world. The orignal sketch was not completely finished since I came up with the idea the day before it was due, so I wasn't expecting much just a grade and nothing else. However the art teachers who were most involved in the YAM contest chose mine and other 4 student designs to be redone on the final draft paper before chosing the top 3, I then trace, ink, and color in the design expecting to not be chosen to be one of the 3 submitted into the contest, yet I was. I was excited and surprised to have gotten that far, yet I expected not to win anything, I was sure if anyone from my school it would be the other two sent in because I thought theirs was better than mine. Then the first day after I got back from holiday break, my art teacher told me I won the Pennsylvania highschool division and it took me awhile to accept it because I couldn't believe I won something, and I rarely win anything. The only two other competitions I ever won anything was a trackfield ball throwing competition in third grade and honorable mention for my Honors Biology science fair project from tenth grade. However when the certificate came in saying I participated, my teacher gave me a printout of the results (which i guess was the email she recieved) from the competition, sure enough my name was listed as the highschool division winner.
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