Selena Picture

NEW MESSAGE: One of the characters i designed for gr33k. I'm gonna try and design some more people from the project. But there's so many of them. XD

OLD MESSAGEAnyways, this is for my gr33k project that me and others are writing together. I don't know if its going to be a fictional book or a comic. Personally i like the comic idea ^^ cuz its just what i love best. Selena is an original character that i created, she's the daughter of Artemis from greek myth.

Selena Hope
Age: 22
Origins: Unknown
Closest family: Artemis (Mother), Prometheus (father), Ty (Twin brother)
Attitude: Very much like her mother where she's very independent and sometimes short tempered.
Bio: Raised by her grandmother, Rhea, she has no knowledge of her family exept for Rhea being her caretaker. No idea that she's of divine origin, has powers of her own, and the fact that she has a twin. Although a certain event throws her in this mess, the fact that she is a n00b in the whole pantheon doesn't make much of a good start.

Now i'm debating if spending this much time on these are really worth it. ^.^; Cuz i about KO'd on this one. But am still very happy with the results. If i do decide to draw more, next would be her twin brother. Still dunno... XD
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