Anthem: Prometheus and Gaea Picture

I just got a wild hair up my ass to do fanart for Anthem by Ayn Rand.

Ayn didn't give much to go by for Prometheus and Gaea's appearances. :/ So I did what I could, mostly drew them the way I saw them in my mind. Gaea's orginial name was Golden One (that's what Pro gave her as a nickname) and I don't know Pro's identification name and number.

It's probably my most favorite book...ever. It takes place in the future, where everyone thinks exactly the same, and it's all boring black and white. Prometheus steps forward and begins to think for himself, but hides it. He meets The Golden One and falls in love--something that has never been heard of. One day when he presents electricity to the Great Council after being thrown in prison for not telling someone his secret, he runs away when they deny it (electricity could have helped the society a great deal, and he was angry they turned it down). Frustrated, he runs away from the city into the forest for good, and lives off the land. The Golden One follows him, they quickly form a strong relationship. They travel for many days until they come upon a house for the Unmentionable Times (Our time) and find books, clothes, and a whole sort of magical items. Pro is greatly interested in mythology, which is how he names himself Prometheus and The Golden One becomes Gaea. Now wanting to build a new society where it is about individuality instead of the "WE", he decides to travel back to the old society to bring his old friend and many other people back (like a reatarded man). It ends with Gaea becoming pregnant and Pro starting his journey.

I have no idea if there's a sequel, but I doubt it. I loved it though, it helped me learn a lot about...well, myself. My summary sucks, so go read it! It's an old book too. I know my fanart sucks, but I really wanted to do something for it.

Note: I made Pro have a tan-ish sort of skin on purpose.
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