Project Prometheus-12 Picture

Prometheus, the bringer of the primordial flame. The giver of knowledge. The harbinger of our destruction. He afflicts us with enlightenment and through this plague we are able to construct our own end. Birth by the aboriginal flame, the knowledge that Prometheus plagues us, and our innate indolence is a cold and conniving parasite. It fools us with promises of a symbiotic connection by nurturing our idleness. We are oblivious. It feeds on our very lives and return us with an empty husk of sloth with no remnants of who we were. We are the ones who bring it into existence. Our needs build for it a dark and chilly world were it free to fester and replicate. Our livelihoods are cursed with dependency on its nourishment. Its cold nurturing talons. This is the Scourge of Prometheus. We are bound to this creature. Chained. Shackled. Made immobile with needs. Its bionic eyes watch us with a frigid stare. Its glacial claws cradle and rock us into oblivious slumber whilst we dream ignorant dreams. The great creators obsolesce by our creations.

Artist's Note: A statement about our dependency on technology. We are retro-verted into babies and forced to be depend on our creations to maintain us. Technology in a sense has become The Mother and replacing Mother Earth. The origin of this problem is knowledge and sloth. Prometheus was chosen because he is the mythological origin of knowledge and also because he too was bound and rendered obsolete (as we are bound to technology). While we convinced ourselves that our relationship is a symbiotic one, the truth is that it is more parasitic in nature.
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