My Top 10 Hottest Meme Picture

10) Anderson Cooper from CNN
~All I have to say is that Anderson gorgeous.

9) Gabriel from Legion /Kevin Durand
~A crappy movie, but a really cool fanbase. I've developed a love for this character (I didn't want to add Bettany more than once) even though he spends most of the time beating the shit out of people (which was pretty cool). I still think they should have done what they did for Legion what they did for The Walking Dead and made a mini series.

8) Spock from Star Trek/Leonard Nimoy
~I've had a crush on Spock for a long time- and I mean original Spock, not newer crappier Spock. Nimoy is pretty talented and a great actor.

7) Sherlock Holmes/Jeremy Brett
~Jeremy Brett is THE</b> Sherlock Holmes. Brett isn't a pretty boy, he's just downright brilliant and delightful as my favorite detective and one attractive man in a top hat.

6) Silas from Da Vinci Code/Paul Bettany
I pretty much love Paul Bettany no matter what- he's talented and sexy. But I have a love for Silas from Da Vinci Code; what can I say, I love pale guys with great cheek bones. Plus you get to see that sexy bum of his- even if he is whipping himself. I love the character too and I can't help but feel bad for him. He's such a wounded and sad character and I wish things had turned out better for him.

5) David 8 from Prometheus/ Michael Fassbender
~I thought Prometheus was a crummy movie, however; all the parts with David 8 were fantastic. The beginning where you watch what he did for 2yrs while the humans were asleep was literally my favorite part of the movie. He also have a very interesting personality and motivation. Not just that, but I love androids.

4) 10th Doctor from Doctor Who/ David Tennant
~David Tennant is awesome and he's everything I wanted and more from The Doctor. He was funny but he also had a sensitivity and sometimes and edge that made you realize that there was more to The Doctor than a pretty face. I cried so hard when he left since he was so fantastic. Just like Jeremy Brett is my fav. classic Sherlock Holmes, David Tennant is my fav. Doctor.

3) Sherlock Holmes/ Benedict Cumberbatch
~ "I cut cut myself slapping those cheekbones." and it's true. Benedict seriously had the most gorgeous face for Sherlock Holmes. I love the edge they give him. He's the right amount of crazy, intense and even affectionate where he needs to be. He has a great chemistry for Sherlock and his voice is lovely...and I swear, I'm not drooling on my keyboard.

2) Data from Star Trek The Next Generation/ Brent Spiner
~Data is best android. He may not be outwardly attractive but he's got the best personality. He's got a childlike wonder too him, naivety and kindness that up until Next Generation- hadn't been portrayed in androids. He makes people ask, and even was addressed in the show; when is a being sentient and should have rights? Can an machine have a soul?

1) Loki from Avengers & Thor/Tom Hiddleston
~Seriously people, Hiddleston is so pretty he makes me want to cry myself to sleep at night. Loki is the coolest and might I add, a favorite of mine even back when I was just into the mythology. Hiddleston got how I envisioned Loki's personality don't to a tee. Loki is an awesome character and I hope they continue to use him as a villian...or anti-hero.
I'm starting to see a corresponding theme to the type of men I find attractive.
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