Will and Volga and Sanctus Oh My! Picture

AMG I can finally post this! I've been wanting to for a while.

It's just a little scribble dump (not really a dump, there are only three characters) of some characters of mine.

Up top is Will (his real and last name are still a mystery as of right now XD Will is just his nickname) He's alive in the time period Lohki is, and helps Lohki around since….. He doesn't know what grass is and is generally confused >.> Will was in a terrible accident that wrecked his back, so now he's got this spine brace on (you can kind of see it, it's the gold wrapping around his neck), along with all this other machinery that allows him to move (you can kind of see that too on his hand) the accident left him with partial facial paralysis that the doctor couldn't fix, that's why his face is kind of drooping on one side. He's generally a nice and humble person, and likes helping other people out. He's got three brothers and one sister, all of their names are from either Greek mythology or maybe the Bible (I.e Will might be name Prometheus etc) Gawd that little half smile of his is A-FUCKING-DOWABLE.

Then we have Volga in his werewolf form yay! Lookit me drawing animals, kind of xD His bandana still stays on after the transformation. This also go a funny conversation going about Volga and baths. For the record, Volga hates baths and water in general, since he can't swim…. at all. That's why his hair is kind of greasy at times. Maverick will either a) drag Volga to the bathtub or b) make Ulric drag Volga to the bathtub.

SANCTUS. I totally freakin' experimented on his skin XD There were so many shades of blue and whatnot going into making his skin XD I was trying to make him look sickly, and it…. Kind of worked? Not grey enough. Looking at it now, I gave a sort of sheen on his skin…. So like he's sweating sort of… That could be sickly. It kind of worked, not really. He's also kind of barrel chested, I'm experimenting on that because he has like…. Three sets of ribs… So his chest won't really look normal.
Lol, green suspenders x3

Fave Comment Enjoy!

(Just look at my icon of Sanctus headshot, and then this head shot…. Sees improvement….. Is somewhat pleased x3)

Will, Volga, and Sanctus © *The-Nightmare-Doctor
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