Centurion Picture

Some concept art from the "Heroes and Villains" MMO project, featuring Centurion, one of the leading heroes of Earth and founding member of The Legion, the world's oldest and largest super-team.
He's designed to be a slice of pure Golden Age comic bookery, with everything from his ultra-traditional costume and 1930s movie star looks, to the pulp sci-fi and classical history/mythology references in his name and backstory, along with its Depression era setting being intended as a call-back to the origins of the comic book genre.

This is his is current mini-biography:

Khyron and Urydion were the last of the Centaurians, the inhabitants of the planet Toliman in the Alpha Centauri system, and a race gifted with incredible powers drawn from the cosmos itself.

Their planet had been engulfed in a civil war, instigated by Urydion in a bid for supreme power, and his use of forbidden weapons in a last ditch attempt to prevent his defeat had annihilated all life on Toliman except for himself and Khyron, the leader and champion of the Centaurian Guardian Force.

Fleeing the devastated world for the relatively nearby location of Earth, Urydion was pursued by Khyron, and their final combat in the hills west of Titan City was witnessed in 1928 by the 13 year old orphan Jonathan Jackson.

Overcoming his surprise and fear, the boy approached the broken and scorched ground that had been created by their battle, and found Urydion dead, and Khyron mortally injured. Helping the dying Centaurian to a nearby barn, Jonathan did all he could to make the alien’s last hours as painless as possible, and in exchange for the bravery and kindness that he’d shown, Khyron broke with the Centaurian tradition of returning their powers to the cosmos upon their death, and instead gifted them to Jonathan, telling him to use them to protect Earth from suffering the same fate that had befallen Toliman.

The powers took some time to fully manifest themselves in Jonathan’s still-growing body, and it also took him some time to fully master them, but by 1933, he had made his first recorded appearance as a superhero in Titan city, foiling a bank robbery in Prometheus Park.

Taking inspiration for his costume from the uniform of the Centaurian Guardian Force, and adapting Khyron’s title in the CGF, which was an ancient military rank on Toliman, he took the name ”Centurion”, and quickly became a familiar sight in the skies over Titan City.

As well as being one of the oldest and most powerful heroes in the world, he also founded the Legion in 1956, which quickly grew to become the world’s largest supergroup, and has been at the forefront of the fight against evil for decades, not only in America, but also across the world, and sometimes beyond.

The powers that Khyron gifted him with have given Centurion incredible strength, speed and stamina, to name just a few, and have also allowed him to exist in a seemingly ageless state, which combined with his decades of selfless service protecting humanity from the many threats that it’s been faced with have led to him becoming an icon of justice and freedom, and a hero that any supervillain bent on conquering the world is forced to take into account.


More info on the project can be found at the "Heroes and Villains" website here: [link]
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