Behemoth Picture

This is one of a trio of Legendary Bakugan I've come across...

Behemoth is a massive land beast from Jewish Mythology.  He is one of a trio of monsters, the other two being Leviathan and Ziz.  He is the King of the land beasts, and is also the biggest land creature alive. 

As a Bakugan, Behemoth is a Pyrus-Sub Terra Bakugan, and uses his massive size and power to his own benefit.  He's a Titan-class Bakugan, a Bakugan the size of (or larger than) a Mechtogan Titan.

I imagined the trio with another feature... I decided to split the three main features of the face (eyes, nose, mouth) between them.  Behemoth has a voracious appetite, like Leviathan, but his feature is a bunch of nostrils dotting his body.  I got this from the fact that many predators use smell to find their prey and to avoid danger.  Behemoth's nostrils, however, double as mini volcanoes.

Behemoth can combine with Leviathan and Ziz to create Chimaeron Ultimus, a Chimera-like creature.

Listened to "Prometheus" while drawing him: [link]
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