2nd Age of Monsters Sketches 6 Picture

Sketchdump time!

Loads and loads of kaiju sketches this time around. I'll try to go about it in an orderly manner - left to right, top to bottom ish.

- The Area 51 Arthropod Kaiju have been getting some design tweaks. There's fully body pics of BoBo, Achilles (king of the giant ants), Orionsbane (who may or may not be renamed Scorpius, since Scorpius is the name of the scorpion that was Orion's bane in Greek mythology - the only reason I'm not 100% on the name change is the fact that it sounds too obvious), and a new mantis monster named Tiresias (mantis in Greek means prophet, and Tiresias was a Greek prophet, so there ya go... 'course, Tiresias was also blind and could switch genders, but let's not go there). There's also a pic of them all together, along with a bee mutant and a smaller ant monster (one of the myrmidons).

- A pic of a possible redesign of Minerva. I'm kinda thinking of giving her a more slapped together outfit, since it's improbably that anyone would actually be able to make her functional armor like she had in earlier drawings.

- Two pictures of Oz, my other pterosaur kaiju. Beneath them is probably my favorite sketch of Tyrantis ever. Seriously, other than his slightly too long neck, I think that sketch if goddamn perfect.

- Tons of sketches of the Martian kaiju, including Kemlasulla, Podritak, Sombarvot, and Ullawdra.

- Four sketches of the Venusian kaiju, including Karamtor, Karamtor Jr., and three others who have filler names.

- Torvald, the "Russsian Tyrantis" and mutated torvosaurus.

- Some sketches of Dunkleora, Kemlasulla, and Lusca (the giant octopus).

- Sketches of Tyrantis and Spinonyx.

- Some sketches of Prometheus.

- The BEHEMOTH, a super tank that gets its ass handed to it by the dinosaur mutants.

- More sketches of Tyrantis looking all dynamic.

- Lusca's big old head.

- And finally, Neo Daikaiju Tyrantis.
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