Oh Hell No Picture

After about five years of no vacations, Robbie found her boss all but chasing her out of the office, exhorting her to go take a break, go to Greece, go to HELL, just GO. SOMEWHERE. AND DECOMPRESS.

So she went to Greece and took an amateur metalworking class in a little town in the mountains, and, after classes, spared herself a few hours of sitting around a shitty hotel room watching TV in a language she doesn't understand by hiking in said mountains.

This would be how she found a man chained to a cliff face, toes not quite touching the ledge under him, and decided she'd damn well do something about it. She also decided she'd DAMN well do something about the huge fucking eagle that showed up to gnaw on the poor sod after awhile; hiding in caves is for pansies, and Robbie may be the mousiest individual ever to not actually be a small rodent, but like hell she will stand for THAT shit.

This is how she comes to acquire a deeply lost and confused Greek demigod. Hell of a vacation, eh?
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