Icy Waters Over Crossed Mountain Ranges Picture

Unemployment sucks, especially if you have no job experience. Since I can't leave the house without spending money (most recent splurge: $8.50 ticket to see "Prometheus") and my friends are either too busy working or having social lives I feel no different than Tom Hanks in "Castaway". I feel so alone, bored, and sexually frustrated that I wish the summer would end already so I can have a schedule again. I've been losing confidence in myself as an artist as well. I know I should practice but I don't motivated to. When I make something I want to finish it in one sitting and I want to to be FUCKING PERFECT. Practicing just makes me feel like I'm wasting time, ink and paper. This painting I just did is a perfect example. I had an idea for a big oil painting, but I instantly lost confidence in it once I ran out of Turpenoid, and realized I needed new brushes. I might as well make some abstract shit that some weirdo will find profound when it's just me fucking around with paint because I fail at making things look realistic. Abstraction is all I'm good at and I feel like the worst artist alive.

18x24" Acrylics on canvas-board

*This artwork looks better when viewed from a distance
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