Prometheus, Mega Man ZX - 120612 Picture

This is Prometheus from Mega Man ZX and ZX Advent, brother to Pandora.

Known as "The Grim Reaper" to his enemies, he works for Master Albert of the Sage Trinity behind the scenes. Unwillingly bound to a Model W Fragment, he wields a scythe and uses fire-elemental powers to obliterate anything in his way. He's psychotic and obviously insane, with a constant drive for destruction. Together with his sister, Pandora, the two form a deadly combo, able to use all three elements between them, and confuse and bewilder foes, striking fear into their hearts.

I've already explained about this in Pandora's picture, and copy/pasting would be sloppy. So, if you MUST know who he works for, go to that picture. It was uploaded the day before this one, after all. This was drawn with a reference picture, made to be pretty much a direct copy by hand, no tracing, you know the drill.

Mega Man ZX is property of CAPCOM, and so is Prometheus. No, we're not talking about Greek Mythology. I can't claim a whole lot what's in the picture to be my own... but so help me, if I see some idiot running around saying he's the one who drew this, it will NOT be pretty. There will be blood. Enough to drown a goldfish. An army of goldfish, trained to loyally serve my in my conquest of the seven seas! Except they'll be dead, so that plan will go down the toilet, along with all those poor fish.
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