Prometheus Picture

Description: A special weapon that brings objects, statues, or whatever to life. However, how intelligent, or sentient, the object in question becomes, is up to the user.

Full Name: XS-MS Animus
Magazine Size: 100% Battery Power
Ammo: [Classified]
Operation: Auto
Accuracy: Very High
Range: ~300 Yard (though typically only used withing 50)

Duration: Depending on User
Level Of Intelligence (LoI): Depending on User

-Although it is not meant to kill, or has many combat applications, it is still an effective weapon and device that can be used in a great number of circumstances.
-Only one is known to exist and is only able to be used by high-ranking officials.
-It can also fire an energy blast that can devastate enemies or otherwise. however, this uses up the battery and is not able to be used until recharged.
-Battery is self-rechargable and takes roughly 3 mins to fully charge.

-I got the idea from that one spell used in Harry Pottery that brought those statues to life in the final movie/book. I really liked it and though it would been interesting to do something with it.
-Why the name Prometheus? because he was credited for creating man-kind in Greek mythology and giving us life. as well as giving us fire to use.
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