The Torment of Prometheus Picture

Painter IX.V & Wacom Intuos 4; ~20 hours for the colours

Music: Dead Can Dance, Helloween, Fear Factory, Var. Metal


A collaboration with ~Angelus-Tenebrae

Here's an excerpt from his description of the original linework:

"Prometheus is the Titan in Greek mythology who stole fire and gave it to humans, and was punished for it by having an eagle come and eat his liver everyday until Hercules saved him.

Personally, Prometheus to me symbolizes the scientists who have made great discoveries, but ended up being prosecuted for their ideas. People like Galileo, Copernicus and the rest. Ignorance, jealousy or even the desire to keep everyone as ignorant as yourself is the reason these things happen. I am thankful this doesn't happen so much still does to some degree though."


Lineart version here: [link]
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