Selene and Phoebe Picture

This is my personal depiction of the Greek Titaness/Titan-goddesses Selene and Phoebe, two deities that preside over the Moon. Within my story, I've decided instead of jumping around, I'll focus on drawing each set of deities from each religion, so for now, I am focusing on Greek Mythology, starting with the Primordial and Titan gods and goddesses and then moving onwards to the Olympian-age gods and goddesses.

Hopefully I can get started on Gaia, Khronos, Helios, and several others, but for now, some feedback would be nice (its always welcomed).

Again, this is ONLY MY PERSON DEPICTION AND IMAGINATION OF THEM. So its not intended as a means of disrespect or anything (despite the fact I believe in the Lord God, I don't go around disrespecting other folks religions).
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