pheebs likes giraffes now Picture

For those of you who may not have heard (aka everyone, because I'm not exactly good at relaying information) I am currently in the process of drawing/writing some sort of comic/graphic novel/thing?? Anyways, it is eating up all of my writing and drawing time, so all my other characters are sorely neglected.

My halfblooders, especially Phoebe here, have been especially neglected because on top of everything else I am just really bad about not using fan characters.

Anyways. I drew this in school today and thought I should probably post it, just because I haven't posted anything in months. XD

Phoebe is making an automaton giraffe, or some such oddity. Why would you want a tiny automaton giraffe? I have no idea.

Percy Jackson belongs to Rick Riordan, obviously.
Greek mythology does not belong to anybody, as far as I am aware.
Phoebe Adams belongs to le me.

I think I'm going to revamp her profile.
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