M5 Mai Ly Binh and Mr Thoth Picture

Mai Ly Binh is Vietnamese-American, a part-time working college student studying mythology and friend to Phoebe Nektarios (aka Panacea). Keen with her studies and a huge lover of tennis, she is one of the two people in college who are aware of Panacea's true identity. Mai Ly is enthusiastic about Mr Thoth's Greek Mythology teachings, claiming she never once missed any of the classes he taught the subject to.

Mr Thoth, the other person aware of Panacea's true identity, is actually a disguised mythical being from her realm. First arriving to our time 50 years ago, he currently works as a professor teaching history and mythology in college, under the alias of ' Prof. Jianni Thoth'. Panacea, upon entering the Human realm, sought him out as he was 'the man to go to' according to advice from her family back home. Thoth, holding vast knowledge of both worlds, helped fashion the crystal Panacea now wears to help her keep her powers and true form in tact. He acts as Panacea's guide and link between the human realm and their own.

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