contest three: kyoto tea with yokai Picture

my third contribution to sarahshirabuki8000.deviantart.… yearly contest. this time it is using her characters (and one of mine for fun) envolved in japanese mythology. and what better than to use the most awesome thing in japan (besides anime and sushi): YOKAI

so here they are:

edward sarahshirabuki8000.deviantart.…: tengu

phoebe sarahshirabuki8000.deviantart.…: rokurokubi

leo sarahshirabuki8000.deviantart.…: kappa

and there is a kameosa being drunk alive by phoebe. she must have taken too much

edward: my apologies fiqri, she is normally controlled, PHEOBE! give our guest some space to breath

pheobe: aawww, but I'm no doing a'thing. he's just so soft and cuddly

edward: -__- again, so sorry

fiqri: nah, its fine. just as long as she doesn't get 'curious'
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