Ludwig and Phoebe's kids Picture

TADAAAAA ..! Children of Ludwig and Phoebe!
Now I will make a brief description ....

Alex Von Koopa: Is the older of the other two brothers. He always wears a pair of headphones that had given his father, Ludwig, and wears a bandanna on top with an A (A = Alex) sewn by his mother, Phoebe.
Alex, loves music like his father, and is a DJ.
Basically he took almost everything from father and a bit' from mother (because of the color of hair, horns and long tail).
The character is equal to that of Ludwig, Bowser fact, prefers it more than the other two, for this reason. One day he tried to tear him away from the hands of his parents, but Phoebe and Ludwig would not let him.Alex has a good relationship with the family, though less with the father, but is particularly attached to his mother.

Ijan Von Koopa:And the second born of his brothers. He is sweet and kind but sometimes very naughty .... IJAN is the twin brother of Alex, because of their resemblance to the face.
IJAN looks a lot like his father and a little 'mother (only because of the color of the eyes and the long tail).
The character is a mixture of both the father and mother.
She loves reading and writing poetry, it is intelligent in the field of anthology and mythology.

Symphony Von Koopa: She is the youngest of his two brothers.
She practically, and almost all the same to her mother, only changes the color of the eyes that are equal to those of his father.
The only thing different, that she have it is the wolf's tail .... She something like a wolf because of the curse that had recently Phoebe .... (And I'll tell you better if, as soon as I finish "the story of Phoebe")
She is an animal lover, loves to hear his mother sing and play piano.

Lucky: He was found in a burrore ducts near the Darkland.
He loves to play and eat, but especially loves to be in company with Symphony.

Well, Now that I have explained everything, i hope you like it.
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