Perseus Reference Picture

I swear this is the last thing I'm attempting to name Perseus. If you're sick of the name sorry, but I've changed other characters names to things different and I just want a character named Perseus. Orignally this girl's name wasn't going to be Perseus but I'll give you a short explination why. First of all I researched my middle name and it has a connection with Perseus from mythology, second my family always gets a laugh over how I'm the only person in my family not afraid of snakes(A connection to Perseus, who killed Medusa, the 'original snake'), and lastly yesterday a few of my neighborhood friends started giving me the nickname yeah that's why.
As for the dog. I've always wanted a fursona, but could never make one that fit me for long. Though when I first sketched a german shepherd dog up awhile ago I began to think about it and really found myself like the breed. Then a friend of mine and myself were just having fun and searched google for fun quizzes, one being what breed of dog you were, and I got German Shepherd thinking I would get Golden Retriever. But then I was weary to give up a wolf fursona for a dog one and I didn't want another half-dog, half-wolf thing so I just came up with the idea that she is a descendent of a wolf, not half wolf, she's just got some wolf blood that's all. So after what seems like years of searching I've created a fursona that I actually really love and she represents me.

Name: Perseus (Per-c-us)
Nicknames: Perse(pronounced Purse) and Percie on some occasions
Name Meaning: Perseus literally means 'destroyer' but the other meaning 'the hero from greek mythology' is the meaning that represents Perseus more than destroyer. Both forms are Greek based, like my middle name.
Gender: Female
Age: Young; teen
Breed: German Shepherd or Eastern European Shepherd
Physical Description: Perseus is not built petite like most females, even if she is skinny, she is built more atheletic with strong legs and paws. She has a very fluffy body and a tail that is medium sized that flows out. And she has a scar on her nose from something she doesn't know about.
Personality: (She acts just like me) She used to be quite shy and timid, becoming more friendly over time, but now she's more out-going, often talking to new people all the time or just helping someone out. Perseus is very free-spirited, a natural leader, and intelligent. She is also intensely loyal, often getting herself in to trouble or awkward situations to protect those she loves. Even though she is calm and laid-back she is easily stressed out and can be some-what short tempered with a stubborn side. She doesn't enjoying following either and can end up quite lonely sometimes, and she is also a little socially awkward.
Bio: I'll add it later...
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