meme Picture

My first meme, a portrait of me using some of my cherished posessions...
From left to right:

- My boots - I have them for almost eight years now. They are like a Pandora´s Box of my most cherished and at the same time, my darkest memories. They were with me in almost every single important moment of my life.

- The Jack Daniel´s bottle - one of my favourite drinks. It is almost empty. It symbolizes my younger years and my (waning) passion for life.

- Pallas, my cello - Named after the goddess of war, civilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, crafts, justice and skill in Greek mythology. It is one of my few outlets and a way of expressing myself.It also represents my infinite adoration and love for the classic arts and music.

- The PS3 remote - represents my fascination for games in general.

- The pile of books - represents my love for the supreme art that is classic literature and literature in general.It also represents my unquencheable thirst for knowledge. The book on the top is E.A.Poe´s collection of poems, including The Raven (which is my favourite), by the way.

- The GameGear - represents my love for vintage gaming. Also represents my lost, unattainable innocence.

- The Final Fantasy VI FAMICON game - represents my fascination and love for the Final Fantasy series and a longing those good old FFs (among other games like Vangrant Story or Bushido Blade ) that Square used to make. I don´t care what anyone says, the FFs series died with FFX.

-The Lucky Strike Cigarrettes and Lighter - I think it is pretty clear what they mean. I always say " I am not an addict. I just love to smoke."

-The Celtic Frost vynil in the back - represents my love for the early black metal scene and underground extreme music from the late 80´s and early 90´s. For me, black metal and music in general died when the 90´s decade was over.

- The Nabucco score - represents my love for the Opera and classical music in general, a fascination that I had since I was 3 or so. That is about it.

- Yoshitaka Amano´s "Cinderella" - the 94 edition of the book, now out of print.represents my adoration for the artwork of the greatest artist of the past 20 years. It also represents the longing for my lost childhood and my grandma, who used to rock me to sleep with stories of princes, maidens, witches and dragons.

That is about it... I hope you liked it.
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