there were three Picture

lawl. lame ass title.
i was going to say 'through the eyes of a contradiction. but ya know... *watches luna as i move my arm out from under her head but she still moves it back up onto my arm* ...hehe... cute...

anyway. damphirs, all three of them, that are mine

drea- first child of miosuke/kalina, keith's older sister.
keith- looks more like his father, has the part on his neck where the... i dont know what you would call it, started to take effect. first time pictured [link]
zelus- my first damphir. akira's son, aluka's brother. very angry... (got the name from ZELUS : Greek god of rivalry & envy ; mythology : ZELOS
ZELUS (Zêlos), the personification of zeal or strife, is described as a son of Pallas and Styx, and a brother of Nice) first pictured: [link] a bit different lol

pretty much all of their relatives (aluka/akira/miosuke) belong to
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