Athena Sketches Picture

It was such a long time since I drew Athena that I felt I better start warming up a bit, if she's going to be the main character in my next comic. So I tried to draw her in different stages of the story.

First we see her with her friend Pallas. Pallas is probably twelve or thirteen years old and she was the only one who realized that behind her great strength, over-intelligence and grown up appearance, Athena was just a child (at that point anyway). I was inspired by the ancient Egyptian paintings of Libyans when I drew her. I'm not sure about Athena's hair, though. Maybe she should have a hairstyle more similar to Pallas?

When Pallas dies, Athena cuts her hair off as a sign of mourning, dresses as a warrior and leaves for Olympus. The third sketch is probably how she mostly will look like in the flashbacks, when her life has started to be a little less fucked up.
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