Four Goddesses Picture

Watercolor on Fabriano hot-press paper, 15" x 15", April 2012.

Based on the four asteroid goddesses drawn from Greek/Roman mythology: clockwise from upper left, Vesta, Pallas, Ceres, and Juno.

I first did this as a pen and ink line drawing many years ago, but was never happy with the result. So, like everything else, my solution was to do it in watercolors. And I'm very happy with it now. It evokes a feel of old bas-reliefs - at least, I hope it does!

I remembered hot-press paper as being far more challenging the last time I worked with it, but it couldn't have been better behaved here. Maybe this subject matter was a better fit than previous works. At any rate, I shouldn't wait so long to do another piece on hot-press.

(Apologies for my craptacular photography skills. The actual painting is a true square, honest!)
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