:DOLL: Pallas Winger's Official Debut Picture

Name: Pallas Winger
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Human
Where your character lives: Ogunquit, Maine, USA
Job/Occupation: Currently none as of yet, putting in applications for working in stores.
Likes/Interests: Talking, Causing trouble, drawing, watching TV, Phoenix's, Walking on the beach, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Dislikes/Fears: Deep water, spiders, pitch black, a majority of horror movies
Personality and history: Pallas is a traditional girl living in Ogunquit, Maine with her mother; Meagan and her two other brothers; Dallen and Jeffrey, no longer having a father after he died in a accident at his work. Pallas has a fascination with mythology: Mostly Phoenix's, and after stumbling upon the show MLP:FiM and seeing how Phoenix's where canon and alive in it, she decided to make a ponysona that was also a Phoenix. She clung to this OC almost like life support, especially when she was sick. She adored her in every single way, and through highschool, continued to adore this pony. Now adays she has many other characters, but that one Phoenix pony will always be special.
Any other relevant information:
- Pallas easily becomes sick and get's fevers, and at times can be in the hospital for a week at a time due to her sickness. She applied this to her pony by making them slightly hotter than the average pony.
- When Pallas is not ill or doing any of her other favorite activities, or mandatory chores around the house, she's usually outside walking or running at the track just down the road from her house. She's a surprisingly fast runner for a sickly girl. She applied this to her pony by making her a strong flier over the years.

Base by ~Bases-Xs
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