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I will do a full bio later
these are some notes about the character

Sophia was something of a combination of the word "serpent" and Ophion the snake in greek mythology.

~she is from the Unova Region
~her favorite pokemon are the snake-like ones of course.
~her first pokemon was Shibibiiru, now Shibirudon
~she would have kept it as a Shibibiiru if she had known earlier that it would grow arms.
~after catching Shibibiiru, her family moved to the Kanto Region, so that is where her journey began.
~She had amazing luck, she caught not only an Onix, but also a Dratini and a shiny Magicarp!
~The magicarp has a funny story: she found it by accident, caught it because she knew if could fetch her a good pokemon in a trade or something. She was about to trade it for an Ekans, but she soon learned that Magicarp actually evolved into Gyarados, so she kept it and trained it hard.
~Sophia and Dragonair get along well, because not only was Sophia not going to allow it evolve further, Dragonair didnt want to, as per a grudge on another Dragonite.
~She later went on a journey in the Hoenn Region, where she went pretty wild catching pokemon. She caught two clamperls, who evolved into Huntail and Gorebyss, she caught Seviper, her now favorite pokemon, she got lucky again and caught a Feebas, which she spent a LOT of time making poke-blocks for, and she caught a Tropius and a Girafarig as well.
~you should've seen her face when she caught a glimpse of Rayquaza. she was all
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