Skyrim OC: Ophion Nidhogg Picture

A new character i'll be introducing in chapter 20.

I wont spoil too much, his backstory will be given later.

His name means ''Serpent Malice-striker'', both which are names of mythological snakes/dragons. He is meant too be snake-like in his overall theme. Couldnt have the correct one in the title, but it's his real name, below.

Ophion Níðhöggr..i am planning on making him much more of an political figure than Bubastis, as in....well, he is not an fighter. Bubastis was very up close in her approach, she liked going up close and personal before killing people off. That and...the onyl other villain in the fanfic that was a much of an fighter as her is...well, Luis.

Ophion....Is more....down to earth. Whilst just as equally psychopathic, he doesn't let it get in the way of his goal. He is able to be...calm..collected....Deceiving.

Bubastis was too unstable to be deceiving.

Let's compare them....

Marvolio is and was not mad, only...very lost. He is the Anti-villain, with him leaning towards Good. He has no actual evil tendencies, apart from having an goal that could cause major damage to Skyrim if it succeeds.

Bubastis....Is the psychopath. She is not excentric, not subtle and not good.

Luis is not an psychopath persay, but he can be somewhat of an sociopath. He DOES believe that what he does is for the greater good of his race and he isn't delussional in any major way. He is the Antihero--type...with him leaning slightly more towards the Anti part. His motives are based on hate most times.

Ches...... He's the jester basically.

Ophion....Is the Bond villain type. He has class, he has plans...he has allies that do his dirty work.

He makes use of allies he has deep in spectrums of the underworld that helps him well as in physical force (soldiers) and such.

He also smokes what seems too be Opium at almost any given time.

He and Hige have...unfinished business.

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