Tethys Picture

This is a character I almost never draw, which is why she hasn't been seen here yet, and not very many people will be familiar with her except for the people from Arkonviox.com. This is also my first CG of this particular character. It's an Ecco the Dolphin site, and I created Tethys when I joined their forum. At first she took on a very different form, but then I changed her completely--the appearance and everything about the character. She was originally just an Ecco fan character, but the idea now goes beyond that.

The creation, or re-creation, of Tethys lead to the creation of three other characters (I plan on doing CG's of all of them). The four characters together are the Ocean Gaurdians. Each one represents a different ocean. Tethys is the Gaurdian of the Atlantic Ocean, or the spirit of the Western Ocean (before humans were around the oceans would not have had names). I made up symbols for each character, which is what the symbol is under her name. I made it to represent harmony. It also represents the Atlantic and Tethys herself.

Now, about the picture. The water doesn't look as good as in the Delfinees picture, because I couldn't remember how I did it. I tried to make Tethys shiny, because she's supposed to be shiny like a gemstone. And I think I did pretty well with that. Oh, yeah, and I decided to try doing the "inking" digitally. And I'm never doing it that way again. I didn't have to smooth out the lines, but it took a period of three days to do it, when it only takes about 20 minutes for me to ink something by hand. Of course, this picture does have a lot of lines to it. Maybe I'll try again with a simpler picture...
And that's about it.

Almost forgot to mention, Tethys is a name I got from Greek mythology. Tethys is the name of a titaness, who is married to the titan Oceanus. I don't think I have to tell you Oceanus is related to the ocean--in fact, that's probably where we got the word from.

Does anyone know if there's somewhere I can download the font called Papyrus (or something like that)? That's the one I wanted to use for Tethys' name, but it was one of several fonts that was lost when the hard drive crashed a while back.
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