Mnemosyne Picture

Ahhh uhh this is a painting I did in October of 2009... Its on paper and it's rather large... like 60x60? Unclear... It's been moved to a new home, so I can't tell you for sure. Also I took this photo with a cell phone so it's not so hot. Sorryyy.

Anyways this is goddess Mnemosyne standing the entrance of Hades. In Greek mythology there are two rivers in Hades... drinking from Styx makes you forget your life and all the troubles you had. The river Mnemosyne guards makes you remember everything that ever happened to anyone ever. So you know everything. Nirvana-esque. So she's holding some water hoping a soul will drink. The poem behind her is an Emily Dickinson poem, about the dawn or some such thing. Memory I think.

Sorry about the awful photo >.>
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