MnemMnem Picture

8D TADA! Meet Mnem (short for Mnemosyne). She is a character who belongs to TheDutchesse who is a good friend of mine here on DA. Everytime I saw her drawn I was like "Man i've got to draw her" XD and well here ya go. HER hair was a bitch to color 0___0 Seriously Dutchesse you need to tell me how you do it. BUT other than that i'm really proud of how it came out. I mean I know there are flaws but I'm pleased with it over all. I wanted to get feet down better and I think I did pretty darn good. BUT other than that I hope you like it my friend *w*!

Mnemosyne belongs to TheDutchesse
Brushes belong to Respectful Owners
Picture belongs to Annemarie Jones/ME you fools!
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